Other then fraggle rock sesame street the muppet show what other muppet featured childrens sHow is were there from late 80s early 90s?

Answer How about "They Storyteller" or "The Muppets Tonight"?

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Farming Tools in the Early 1900s?

About 40 percent of Americans were living and working on farms in the early 1900's. Most of these farming families and their hired help worked an average of 150 acres of land, which is three times ... Read More »

Is hamtaro why is Penelope always yellow or well why is she diffrent then the other hamster her looks ar diffrent then the other hamster why arent the other yellow?

Penelope actually looks like all the other hamsters, but she's still a baby. She is very shy and wears a yellow blanket because of her shyness. I hope that answers your question. :)

If Buddhists aren't supposed to kill any living thing, then why do they make silk via Sericulture?

There are loads of different types of Buddhists. Not all Buddhists make silk. Buddhists who have the right understanding of their religion won't kill anything, but many people don't have this under... Read More »

Native Americans in the Early 1500s?

When Christopher Columbus first came to America in 1492, Native Americans were scattered all across the continent. The Algonquian and Iroquois were most directly affected by European settlers in N... Read More »