When did Lewis and Clark die?

Answer Meriwether Lewis died at the age of 35 on October 18, 1809 of an apparent suicide, although some historians argue that he could have been murdered, according to the Virginia Center for Digital Hist... Read More »

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Who is Ryan Lewis?

Where did Lewis& Clark come from?

President Thomas Jefferson appointed William Clark and Meriwether Lewis to lead the Corps of Discovery on its expedition. Both men were born in Jefferson's native Virginia in the years prior to the... Read More »

Is Lewis a Jewish name?

The name Lewis is not Jewish. The name derived from those found in several regions of Europe. Some Jewish immigrants with similar-sounding names changed their names to Lewis when immigrating to Gre... Read More »

Is Shari Lewis still alive?

Yes. Shari Lewis is still alive. But Pristine Figg the evil guardian from the fictional story Tom and Jerry The Movie is dead now how happy it is. :)