How did color photography change your lives?

Answer color photography gives a more realistic and modern look. it also grabs people's attention

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How did the vacuum cleaner change your lives?

AnswerThe coldest part of a fridge is at the very bottom, or the lowest part of it. AnswerThe freezer aside, it makes sense that the colder air will be at the bottom in the back, but if the unit i... Read More »

I'm a photography student who lives in Dallas, Texas. But I'm still pretty new to the area.?

In photography not just where you going is important but when.Most of the times if not always the time is more important then place.Go very early in the morning the light is great then, or in the e... Read More »

Do color contacts change your vision color?

NO! You will see everything as you seen it before the only thing that will change is your EYE color.

If you Had to Change The Color of Your Skin,to Which Color?

I would pick red ....... that way, everyone would always think I was mad and upset so then they would be nice to me ...... or they would just run away ...... lol ....... = )