How did colonial people make candles?

Answer Providing light to illuminate the darkness in colonial times was often done by candlelight. Candles were made by hand dipping or through the use of molds. Tallow and beeswax were some of the common... Read More »

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How were candles made in Colonial times?

Candles in colonial times were primarily made using tallow (animal fat), along with flax, hemp or cotton wicks. Other materials included bayberries, whale oil and beeswax. Candles were typically pr... Read More »

What eating utensils did the colonial people use to eat?

Early settlers to colonial America primarily used spoons and wide, flat knives--which are very similar to modern butter knives--when eating. Forks were still rare in the early 1600s, and they start... Read More »

How many people love candles, oils to burn and incense's?

Everyday! I am a fan of Yankee Candles. Buttercream is a fave, both oil and candles/tarts. The new fall scents are really good this year--I prefer spices and baking smells. I also like the Old ... Read More »

Do white candles burn at a different rate than colored candles?

White candles burn slower than colored candles. The darker the candle, the faster it will burn. White reflects heat away from the candle, so it will burn slower, according to MadSci Network. Black,... Read More »