How did china influence japan's religion?

Answer Japan's two major belief systems are Shinto and Buddhism. While Shinto developed as an indigenous belief system, Japanese Buddhism was introduced to Japan by China through Korea and has been influ... Read More »

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How did china influence japan?

Japan can be fascinating for a western tourist. Japan mixes ancient traditions with 21st century technology to create a truly unique culture. Japan's traditional elements, though, bear some connect... Read More »

How did geography influence the settlement of China?

The settlement of China by the Han people, the predominant ethnic group of modern Chinese people, has been determined by the geography of East Asia. The boundaries of the modern-day nation, the Peo... Read More »

Question for Australians about the influence of China down under?

I don't see the problem we also have a huge Japanese interest in Australia are we forgetting in our recent history they attacked us and we fought a war against them.So if we can make friends and t... Read More »

US navy submarine accident with japans school boat?

The USS Greeneville collided with the Japanese fisihing vessel Ehime Maru in early 2001.