How did child labor change a child's lifestyle?

Answer they could get SICK or die they lose a precious part of their childhood. They are not able to enjoy as other children do, which can also affect their character also let alone their future.

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How did child labor impact or change society?

Child labour played an important role in the Industrial Revolution from its outset, often brought about by economic hardship, Charles Dickensfor example worked at the age of 12 in a blacking factor... Read More »

Is it child abuse to put soap in a childs mouth?

What do you do if Childs father stops paying child support?

Well my dad left 6 months ago and said he wants nothing to do with us but my mom started getting benefits on top of what she gets from her job :) I suggest that you contact your State's child suppo... Read More »

Can you help me change my lifestyle?

I totally understand your situation. Ive gotten a bit that way myself but its through disability and I rarely like to leave my comfort zone. Ive been trying to change that though with the help of s... Read More »