How did cadbury chocolate company begin?

Answer The history of Cadbury Chocolate stretches back to 1824, when John Cadbury opened a general store that sold chocolate, teas, coffees, and other luxuries that Quakers considered to be healthy altern... Read More »

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Can i make a cold chocolate drink from cadbury drinking chocolate?

It would be drinkable, but it might not be very nice; it could be difficult to mix into cold milk. Of course, you could make it hot and wait for it to cool...

Is cadbury the best chocolate in the world,,?

Ask any woman, they all prefer GalaxyNow someone prove me wrong!

How is cadbury chocolate made?

Chocolate is a universally enjoyed food. Cadbury is a very popular brand of chocolate that was invented by John Cadbury in 1824 and later on developed by his sons Richard and George Cadbury.Origin ... Read More »

Who invented Cadbury chocolate?

John Cadbury, formerly a shopkeeper that sold hot chocolate, developed his own cocoa and chocolate in 1831. The process for making solid chocolate was very different and, according to the Cadbury C... Read More »