How did cadbury chocolate company begin?

Answer The history of Cadbury Chocolate stretches back to 1824, when John Cadbury opened a general store that sold chocolate, teas, coffees, and other luxuries that Quakers considered to be healthy altern... Read More »

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Can i make a cold chocolate drink from cadbury drinking chocolate?

It would be drinkable, but it might not be very nice; it could be difficult to mix into cold milk. Of course, you could make it hot and wait for it to cool...

How is cadbury chocolate made?

Chocolate is a universally enjoyed food. Cadbury is a very popular brand of chocolate that was invented by John Cadbury in 1824 and later on developed by his sons Richard and George Cadbury.Origin ... Read More »

Who invented Cadbury chocolate?

John Cadbury, formerly a shopkeeper that sold hot chocolate, developed his own cocoa and chocolate in 1831. The process for making solid chocolate was very different and, according to the Cadbury C... Read More »

Why is Cadbury Chocolate a food trend?