How did cactus plants evolve?

Answer A cactus plant began its evolutionary path as a stereotypical herbaceous plant. For example, it had a slender stem, and larger and wider leaves. But its extreme, harsh environment demanded changes ... Read More »

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Meaning of cactus plants?

Cactus plants grow in the desert and can provide water. But besides being prickly, I don't think they could possibly have any positive meaning, unless you know someone who likes cacti. There are pe... Read More »

Potted Cactus Plants?

Cactus are succulent plants that can survive in long periods of drought. These plants' various adaptations included a hard-walled, succulent stem where water is stored. The stem interior is spongy ... Read More »

Why Cactus Plants Turn Brown?

Cactus plants turning brown indicates that they have contracted a disease called stem rot. This disease is caused by the fungal pathogens phialocephala virens, lasiodiplodia theobromae and fusariu... Read More »

How do cactus plants survive in the desert?

Cactus (as most desert plants) plants survive in near desert conditions, on almost no water. They manage this because of several adaptations to their stems and leaves that they have developed over... Read More »