How long do butterflies stay in their cocoons?

Answer Before caterpillars become adult butterflies they enter the pupa stage. At this point the caterpillars spin chrysalises (commonly known as cocoons) around their bodies for protection. The amount of... Read More »

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Why are people putting stickers of fairies, pixies, butterflies, and other winged creatures on their car?

Because they are complete 'airheads' and 'cosmic butterflies'. Whenever I see a car festooned like that I give it the widest berth possible because I just know that a whole lot more of their though... Read More »

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Telling someone that his gift is something he will never see is challenging. The key to your explanation must be the understanding that the person will eventually like this gift more than any other... Read More »

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How many AP's have kept the name their natural mother gave their child?

Wow, that is awesome you did this... it shows you are accepting the child for who they are and not who you wanted to make them into.As adoption wasn't actually in MY plan for my child, I found out... Read More »