How did bottled water begin?

Answer Records show the sale of bottled water in American in the mid-1700s. Popularity grew in the 1800s when consumers believed that bottled spring water would provide them with the same health benefits ... Read More »

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Where did bottled water begin?

Bottled water, though present in society since ancient times, became commercialized in the 1700s when mineral water spas would present customers with bottled mineral water to take home with them. I... Read More »

Why don't i just put some water in a bottle instead of buying bottled water?

Because the companies have fooled them, with their marketing, that bottled water is actually "purer" or "healthier"... Which is completely false. There's nothing about bottled water that is better ... Read More »

Do you think Fiji water tastes better than regular bottled water?

personally, i think it does. i can't describe it but it just tastes cleaner or something.

Is the cheapest bottled water more expensive than water out of the facet at home?

Bottled water is one big CON.Never bought a bottle of water, and never will.