How to Buy American Football Gear?

Answer American football is a high-contact, physically demanding sport. Wearing the proper equipment is essential to avoiding injury and maximizing performance. While the equipment is expensive, it is a w... Read More »

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How to Play American Football?

Were you ever frustrated when you played football with your friends and you realized you were doing it all wrong? This article is here to help:

Who invented the game of American football?

American football was created by Walter Camp. Camp played the original version of the game during his days as a student at Yale in the late 1800s. He is credited as the father of modern American fo... Read More »

How many women watch American football?

According to a March 2007 MSNBC article by Jen Brown, 375,000 women attend professional NFL games each weekend and 45 million watch it on TV. According to Brown, "women repeatedly choose football a... Read More »

How to Play the Lineman Position in American Football?

Linemen mean everything to a football team- without them, no one would ever score. You don't have to be fat, tall, muscular to be one. You just need desire and how to!