How did aidan on bbc's Being Human get thru the door to rescue the ghost girl?

Answer even if you look hard you will never find it. so just Google "bbc iplayer d" and click the link

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In Jessica Alba's Dark Angel pilot episode. How does Max rescue a kidnapped girl from an area swarming with a ton of agents How is she able to sneak out with the girl without getting caught herself?

Well, if I remember correctly, the agents were merely human, and not enhanced versions like Max is. I think the idea there is that she is so far superior to average humans, that she can basically r... Read More »

What was the name of the Australian childrens tv programme where there was a ghost of a girl in a hotel?

If you kill a ghost will it come back a ghost of a ghost?

A ghost can't be killed, but I love those questions, I'm sure it just came to you, suddenly

Im looking for the name of a programme that aired during the 90's involved a girl neighbour who turns out to be a ghost and they have a tree house in the forest?