How to Wash an Acne-Scarred Face?

Answer While there are many fancy and expensive treatments that reduce acne and remove scars, you do not have to suffer just because you can't afford the quickest acting treatments such as chemical peels,... Read More »

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Rubber band burnt me and scarred me?

lol, you will be fine if that's what you wanna hear. But you could have aids, I would get it checked out.

Can sandpaper smooth scarred skin?

It's scar tissue and it will bleed-I would not recommend it. Not too much you can do about it, but ask your doctor about scar treatments.

Can i get your honest opinion on scarred legs?

i'm just another ordinary person (ie not modelesque) with flaws and such- EXACTLY. NO-ONE has the right to judge you. Particually when it comes to scars. You're not asking people to love it, you... Read More »

Question for parents with a physically disabled/scarred child?

.The first thing that came to my mind when I read your question is that your child has something going for her that some kids don't have a Mother that loves her.There is no time limit on when you ... Read More »