How did Netflix start?

Answer Netflix allows people in the United States to order DVDs via mail without incurring a late fee. In January 2009, CNN Money reported that Netflix had more than 8 million customers.FounderThe founder... Read More »

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In which city did netflix start?

Netflix, the world's largest online movie-rental subscription service, was started in Scotts Valley, a small city in Santa Cruz County, California. It now operates out of the nearby city of Los Gat... Read More »

My Netflix video is taking a long time to get to Netflix. What should I do?

Contact them and tell them about the problem. Likely they will send you your next video in your queue. They anticipate there will be problems like these and don't hold it against you if it isn't a ... Read More »


By the rules, yes. A freeze is intended to only keep an account dormant for a predetermined amount of time, but not cancel it. When the freeze is over, you go back to monthly payments.However, I w... Read More »

How to Connect a TV to Netflix?

One of the most popular and celebrated features of Netflix is instant streaming. With a Netflix account you can still receive DVDs by mail, and if you have an Internet-ready device like a Blu-ray p... Read More »