How did Marlee Matlin become deaf?

Answer Marlee Matlin is an Oscar-winning American actress famous for her work with children and the deaf community. She has been deaf herself since she was afflicted with roseola at 18 months.Birth and Fa... Read More »

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Why is Marlee Matlin famous?

Marlee Matlin is an American actress, activist and writer. Marlee is also deaf due to losing her hearing as an infant. Her stage work in Chicago and the Midwest attracted attention and soon landed ... Read More »

Does marlee matlin speak?

Marlee Matlin does indeed speak. Matlin grew up outside Chicago, and at 18 months old, she contracted roseola, a form of German measles. The fever that came with it caused Matlin to lose total hear... Read More »

Where did Marlee Matlin go to college?

Marlee Matlin attended William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, according to Turner Classic Movies' biography of the actress. The two-year school is commonly called Harper College, and ... Read More »

When was Marlee Matlin on Sesame Street?

The hearing-impaired actress Marlee Matlin appeared on "Sesame Street" during its 20th season, which ran from Nov. 21, 1988, to May 19, 1989. She signed the song "Just the Way You Are," while its c... Read More »