How did Man Ray influence his field of photography?

Answer By doing things a bit different! check out his work and you will see; he was chums with the leading Surrealist painters of the day, which influenced his work.

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How did photography influence impressionism?

Artists were influenced by the invention of the camera, because it gave them a cropped composition. It also showed the tonal effects of light and dark in much finer detail; making it easier for art... Read More »

Photography Jobs in the Animal Field?

A love of animals combined with photography leads to many different career paths. Working for studios, magazines, companies or zoos are all possible for you if pursuing a career in wildlife or anim... Read More »

Is photography a good field to go into?

It is if you are passionate about it, but if you're not, the demand is not very high for careers in photography, so it is probably not the best choice for you.

How do you improve the depth of field in photography?

I have listed what I know in no particular order of preference, and any of them could be used alone or in combination. What's best depends on your situation. 1) use a smaller aperture 2) move bac... Read More »