How did Life Savers candy get its name?

Answer Life Savers is an American brand of hard candy and mints. It owes its ring shape to its inventor's attempt to set it apart in the candy manufacturing industry.InventionChocolate manufacturer and Cl... Read More »

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Who invented Life Savers candy?

Invented by Clarence Crane of Ohio, the Life Savers brand rolled out the first flavor, Pep-O-Mint in 1912. The design of the candy, with its hole punched through the middle, conjured up an image of... Read More »

What was the first flavor of Life Savers candy?

Candy maker Clarence Crane introduced the Pep-O-Mint Life Savers flavor in 1912. More than 40 flavors have been launched since the candy's invention. In addition to the traditional hard candy, the ... Read More »

What was the first flavor for Life Savers candy?

Life Savers, when they were introduced by Clarence Crane in 1912, were available only in Pep-O-Mint flavor. Life Savers were produced in single flavor rolls until 1935, when the five-flavor roll pa... Read More »

Where did Life Savers get their name?

Clarence Crane created Life Savers candies in 1912 while trying to come up with a summer treat that would not melt. It was because of the candy's resemblance to life preservers that they received t... Read More »