How did Jan or Johannes Vermeer die?

Answer Jan or Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) was a Dutch painter known to depict interior scenes of middle-class life using a substantial amount of light and shadows, as well as rich, deep colors. His early... Read More »

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Who was Johannes Vermeer?

Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch artist. He was born in Delft, Holland in 1632, and he was active in the late 1650s. His most famous painting, "Girl with the Pearl Earring," is considered a masterpiece... Read More »

How many paintings did Johannes Vermeer paint?

Over the course of his career, Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer only produced 37 paintings. All paintings were oil on canvas with portraits and landscapes as subjects. One of his most famous painting... Read More »

How wide is a vermeer 222 stump grinder?

The Vermeer 222's stump grinder is supported by a vertical cutting wheel. The width of the grinder is relatively large at 41 cm (or 16 inches), a distance covered by 12 separate cutting disks.Sourc... Read More »

What did Johannes Kepler discover?

Johannes Kepler founded the astronomical theory of celestial mechanics. Celestial mechanics explain the movements of the planets. He formulated three laws that explain the movements of the planets ... Read More »