How did Jacob Perkins invent the mechanical refrigerator?

Answer Jacob Perkins invented the mechanical refrigerator, but not with pure thought. William Cullen was the one who came up with the idea, but his wasn't practical.Jacob was the one who made it work, and... Read More »

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When did the Chinese invent the mechanical clock?

In 1086, the emperor of the Sung dynasty in China tasked Su-Sung to create a new type of water clock. Eight years later, this new water clock, complete with a mechanical "tick-tock" motion, was com... Read More »

Did Albert Einstein invent the refrigerator?

YES he did. Actually , He invented a refrigerator using an alternate method from the one we are used to. It only uses a small heat source to provider refrigeration.

When did albert Einstein invent the refrigerator and how?

Yes, Einstein did invent a refrigerator. He only designed one. He did not invent the FIRST one.

Why did Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde invent the refrigerator?

Answer He wanted his food to stop going bad at night because it wasn't refrigerated (keep cold).......