How did Italian cuisine originate?

Answer Italian cuisine has evolved during its long history. Historians and chefs have difficulty in describing Italian cooking as homogeneous, with diverse produce, seafood, and customs among the nation's... Read More »

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But... do you think that italian's cuisine is like the Buddy's cuisine?

I looked up Buddy's reviews and they're positive. I think people want to eat good food whether it's authentic or not. Olive Garden isn't authentic Italian, either, but the food is good. When we ... Read More »

What is Italian cuisine?

Italian cuisine varies regionally and encompasses a wide variety of fragrant dishes. Dishes often feature seafood, pasta and sauces influenced by Arabian, Sicilian and Mediterranean cookery. Italia... Read More »

Do you like italian cuisine?

Love it ! My favourite is the dessert zuccotto. I also love Risotto.

How did italian cuisine get started?

Chefs, food writers, foodies and historians have long celebrated Italy's extensive and delicious culinary history. Some of the world's most prized dishes, like pizza and pasta, originated in Italy.... Read More »