How did Greek art show pride in Greece's city-states?

Answer The ancient Greeks were not a unified country; instead, they were a collection of city-states sharing a common culture and religious pantheon. Their pride in their city-states often came out in the... Read More »

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How to Show Your Patriots Pride?

The New England Patriots are a football team based out of Massachusetts. While most of their fans live out in New England, there are some everywhere. Whether you want to become a Patriots fan, or b... Read More »

How does the story the most dangerous game show pride?

yes and no Debby will be singing and making albums and yes because they will have additions to take her place

In what city did Greek theatre originate?

Ancient Greek theatre originated in the city of Athens around 700 B.C., according to Central Washington University. The earliest theatrical shows were a part of the City Dionysia, a ritualistic fes... Read More »

In what city did Greek theater originate?

Greek theater originated in Athens, where followers of Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, gathered to celebrate. Different tribes danced, drank and competed in performances against each other d... Read More »