How did Edith Frank die in Anne Frank's diary?

Answer Edith Hollander Frank was the mother of Margo and Anne Frank. She was taken to Auschwitz concentration camp with her two daughters in 1944. Edith died in January 1945 after enduring a high fever an... Read More »

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Where can I buy the BBC's version of the Anne Frank diary?

it was partly filmed in and around Cardiff, and partly in the mountains of snowdonia try this link Lizzie :-... Read More »

What saved Anne Frank's diary?

A woman named Miep Gies, a member of the group responsible for hiding the Frank family during WWII, found Anne Frank’s diary shortly after Anne and her family were captured. She saved the diary a... Read More »

How did Anne Frank's diary become famous?

Anne Frank, a German Jewish girl living during the Holocaust, wrote a diary so widely read and adored that it has been published, according to the Anne Frank Center in New York, in 67 languages. He... Read More »

Where is Anne Frank's original diary?

Anne Frank's original diary is on exhibit at the Anne Frank Museum in the center of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Once the office building with the Secret Annex where Anne Frank and seven others we... Read More »