How did DNA forensics begin?

Answer DNA was first used to solve a crime in 1986. Using a new technique called DNA fingerprinting, British geneticist Alec Jeffreys cleared an innocent man of a double rape-murder and helped catch the r... Read More »

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When did the use of forensics in criminology begin?

While fingerprints were used by the Chinese as early as 700 A.D. to establish ownership and identity, the use of forensic science in modern criminology can be traced back to 1784 in Lancaster, Engl... Read More »

When did the use of forensics in criminal justice begin?

The first recorded use of forensics in criminal justice occurred around 1,000 AD, when a Roman attorney argued that evidence was planted in order to frame his client of murder. One of the first use... Read More »

When did the use of forensics in victim identification begin?

The earliest instances of forensic science used to identify a person date back to the 700s when the Chinese used fingerprints to determine the identities of documents and other artifacts. The first... Read More »

Computer Forensics Training in Digital Forensics & Electronic Discovery?

A company or agency that has a computer network may at some point find itself having to deal with some kind of electronic-related crime or misbehavior. It could be external, such as a hacker, or it... Read More »