How did Caleb D. Bradham invent Pepsi?

Answer According to the Pepsi-Cola company website, the Pepsi brand can be dated back to 1902 when pharmacist and drug store owner Caleb D. Bradham began marketing his soft drink as Pepsi-Cola.HistoryCale... Read More »

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I love using chopsticks! And the fork is a relatively new invention. I traveled through China, and after a day or two could eat almost anything I needed to. Appreciate the diversity in the wo... Read More »

If anything was possible to invent and make, what would you invent and why?

Triple chocolate fudge cake with zero calories - so I could make a pig of myself and never get fat.Time machine - so I could go to any time or place I wanted.Invisibility potion - so that I could g... Read More »

Who were George Caleb Bingham's siblings?

Coke or Pepsi I am a Pepsi girl?