Is a country's name on budweiser labels?

Answer The country names Australia and America appear on the label. They are located on the Coat of Arms logo. The continents Africa, Asia, and Europe also appear. These represent the five continents w... Read More »

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How much alcohol is in Budweiser?

According to Montclair State University, a Budweiser has 4.82 percent alcohol content. The alcohol content of a Budweiser is lower than some other popular brands, such as Coors, Heineken Dark, Mich... Read More »

Are Budweiser bottles made in the U.S.?

Budweiser bottles are made at Anchor Glass Container Corporation, headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The majority of the Anheuser-Busch bottles, including Budweiser, are made at Owens-Illinois, Inc.,... Read More »

How to Win the Budweiser Shootout in Nascar 07?

This article explains how you can win the Budweiser Shootout in Nascar 07. Good luck!

How to Make a Budweiser Cocktail?

You've always wanted to have the taste of a good, cool, Budweiser. But just also wanted some nice "Flair", to your beer. Read on to find out how to spice it up a bit!