How did Broadway musicals originate?

Answer The uniquely American musical is a product of a number of influences, some of them imported from Europe, some American in origin. The musical play as known by most Americans was also shaped by the... Read More »

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How did Broadway musicals start?

A musical is a performance that may tell a story or highlight the work of renowned performers. European musicals originated in the 1700s and influenced early Broadway musicals.Broadway Musical Ori... Read More »

How many Broadway musicals was Marilyn Miller in?

Actress, singer and comedienne Marilyn Miller appeared in 12 Broadway musicals, including such hits as “Sally,” “Rosalie” and “Sunny.” Miller died at the age of 37 in 1936, after making... Read More »

When did Broadway musicals become popular?

It could be said that Broadway musicals have been popular since the very beginning, as they grew out of another popular art form, the vaudeville theater. The first "long run" Broadway musical was "... Read More »

How to Get Leads in Plays and Musicals?

These are simple steps on how to get a lead or a supporting role in a play or musical.