How did Bill France set up the point system?

Answer Bill France founded NASCAR in 1948 and served as its president until 1972. NASCAR is widely regarded as the top stock-car racing series in the United States.HistoryFrance's original point system--u... Read More »

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What economic system does France use?

France has a mixed economy in which state enterprises exist alongside privately owned businesses. According to the CIA World Factbook, France is in the middle of a transition from heavy government ... Read More »

You are a us citizen and you have a hospital bill in France that you can not pay you must leavve the country asap can the french government find you in the us or give you problems with your passport?

The NJ Sate disability plan replaces up to 2/3 of your income, or $546 per week, whichever is less.

Who ruled France when the metric system was established?

The metric system was established in France during the rule of Louis XVI in 1790. Investigations were ordered by Louis XVI into a new weights and measures system, resulting in the introduction of t... Read More »

In what year did France adopt the metric system?

France adopted the metric system in 1795. It was the first country in the world to adopt the International System of Units as its official system of measurement. Other European countries followed s... Read More »