How did 404 errors get their name?

Answer There are standards for everything including error messages...1xx - Information (like 101 - protocol switch)2xx - Accepted / Success (Like "200 Ok" success signal)3xx - Redirect (like 301 Moved Pe... Read More »

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I have many errors in my computer how can i fix the errors?

Hi Niks here,If u have many errors then plz specify any one error. ok thats no problem if u r facing the errors related to hardware then install the drivers properly for that component and if u r f... Read More »

Free scan errors and also free repair i need to fix the scanned errors and repair them for free?

Most of the free scans are a way to give you a sells pitch... For work you may or may not need. I would not do it.I have been a tech for many years, and have certifications...

Will you fix all errors on my pc?

Uhhhh...sure?A system restore is only necessary as a last resort, as is a reformat.Using msconfig to remove startup entries is only valid if the specific software does not replace the startup regit... Read More »

How to Fix MSN Errors?

MSN is an free instant messenger program that allows you to chat instantly with other individuals. However, while using MSN, you may run into a few issues such as the program crashing on you, error... Read More »