How deep should you plant green beans?

Answer You are pretty safe planting seeds at four times their own depth.

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How to Plant Green Beans in Pots?

Living in a place where yard space is limited does not automatically mean you cannot grow your own vegetables and enjoy fresh produce. Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension reports that most vege... Read More »

How do I plant green beans in a window box?

Purchase a window box that contains drainage holes. Purchase green bean seeds and potting mix. Add a thin layer of gravel or pebbles to the bottom of the window box. Fill the window box with pottin... Read More »

Will cayenne pepper mixed with water hurt planted green beans have a rabbit problem was hoping hot stuff will deter them from eating the tops of green beans?

Answer Identify the pest first. If its rabbits,yes the mixed pepper will work. Also try human hair and blood meal.

How to Get a Deep Green Color in the Leaves of a Curry Plant?

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