How deep should you install French drain pipes?

Answer You should bury French drains approximately 12 inches down. You will need to dig about 13 inches down to leave room for about one inch of rock to be laid down below that. Make sure the holes in the... Read More »

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How deep should a french drain be?

A French drain should be placed in the top 24 inches of soil to catch the most water before it reaches your house. The pipe should lie level or slightly downward so that water will flow smoothly to... Read More »

How to Install Drain Pipes for Bathtubs?

A bathtub uses different pipes to drain water from the main drain and the overflow drain, connecting the two drains together with a piece of pipe called a sanitary tee. Installing a bathtub's drain... Read More »

How to Install Drain Water Pipes?

The plumbing industry uses acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) pipe as the standard material for installing drain water pipes. Manufacturers mold ABS into black pipes ranging from 1 ½ inches to ... Read More »

How do you install a french drain?

You can find detailed instructions at It's not difficult, but does require some effort. You dig trenches all heading away from where the water tends to puddle, making sure those tr... Read More »