How deep should mounds be in a vegetable garden?

Answer On One Hand: Mounds Offer Improved Drainage and Sun ExposureMounds improve drainage, have less compacted soil and provide greater surface area for sunlight to warm the soil. Experts generally recom... Read More »

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How deep should you plow a vegetable garden?

Vegetable garden soil requires plowing before gardeners plant seeds or transplants. Plow the soil to a depth of approximately 6 to 8 inches, loosening it for proper root growth, according to the Un... Read More »

Why should one grow a vegetable garden?

Planting a vegetable garden has other benefits besides being a pleasurable hobby. You can save money, eat well, exercise and relax through gardening.Save MoneyWhen you plant a vegetable garden, you... Read More »

How deep should a raised bed garden be?

The depth of a raised bed garden depends on the crops the gardener wants to grow. Most plants need 6 to 12 inches to properly form roots. Root crops, like carrots and potatoes, need 18 to 24 inches... Read More »

When should you start a vegetable garden?

On One Hand: Winter Is OverThe soil in your garden should be frost-free and warmed to a temperature of at least 40 degrees. Cold weather crops should be planted early in the growing season. The cro... Read More »