How deep should i plant pepper seeds?

Answer Plant pepper seeds one-fourth inch deep, spaced one-half inch apart. Keep pepper seeds moist and warm. Pepper seeds germinate well in small pots, plastic or foil pans, disposable cups or milk carto... Read More »

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Can you plant seeds from a pepper?

Mature seeds harvested from any type of pepper are ready for planting once they have been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Only seeds from hybrid pepper varieties should not be saved, as the resulting... Read More »

How to Plant Sweet Pepper Seeds?

Delicate vegetables like sweet peppers grow best when the weather reaches 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Bell peppers are the most common variety of sweet peppers, but banana peppers, pimento peppers, curv... Read More »

How to Save Pepper Seeds to Plant?

Instead of purchasing pepper seeds from your local garden supply store, you can save the seeds and plant them the following year. Gather the seeds from healthy, ripe peppers to ensure that they rem... Read More »

How deep should i plant campanula seeds?

Campanula seeds are very small, therefore they do not get planted very deep. The seeds should be planted at a maximum of 1/16 inch underground. After planting, gently cover the seed with a thin lay... Read More »