How deep should a window seat be?

Answer On One Hand: Consider Seating ComfortTim Carter, author of the nationally syndicated column "Ask the Builder," says that a window seat should be between 17 and 22 inches deep in order to be comfort... Read More »

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Hello where should a car seat be placed in the car in the middle or by the window?

The safest place is, indeed, in the middle, but there are various circumstances that may make the middle impractical or impossible for your situation.The middle is safest because it is the furthest... Read More »

Can a window seat be wider than the window?

A window seat can be any length. It can be wider than the window as long as there are no nearby walls on either side restricting the length, such as a dormer window.Source:Ask The Builder: Window S... Read More »

What direction should a baby car seat face when in the back seat of a car?

Should a child use a booster seat in the middle of the back seat when only a lap belt if available?

If your talking about the booster seat without a back then NO, It is not safe for the child to ride with only a lap belt.