How deep must i put the foundation for a residential room addition in indiana?

Answer A foundation is built upon a "footing"--an area of concrete laid upon undisturbed soil. The foundation walls will then extend above the grade (soil) level. All foundations must be below the "frost ... Read More »

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Who must file indiana income taxes?

According to the Indiana Department of Revenue's 2009 IT-40 Income Tax Booklet, Indiana residents (either full or part time), as well as Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin residen... Read More »

Ladies... what make-up is a daily "must" for you Mascara, powder, eyeliner, foundation, etc Why?

Foundation and mascara. that has to b a must otherwise id scare everyone to death and we don't want that do we now.

I am looking to repair a foundation wall for my addition. Its 40 feet long and 13ft deep, I am thinking of run?

Sounds good if I'm reading you right, you'd use sole plates under the jacks, on this site they're called planking.…I can't see you running into any proble... Read More »

How thick must a wall be to hold 163000 gallons of water in a 3.5 foot deep pool?

Answer Weight of water is such that 2.31 feet in height exerts a force of 1 PSI. Thus 3.5 feet in height has a weight of 3.ft/2.31ft =1.52 PSI. to determine the area of the 3.5 ft high container fo... Read More »