How deep is the sunlight zone?

Answer The sunlight zone refers to the top layer of the ocean that is illuminated by sunlight during the daytime. The depth of the sunlight zone varies according to how clear the water is. On average, the... Read More »

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How deep in meters is the sunlight zone?

The sunlight zone, referred to as the euphotic zone in scientific literature, is the uppermost layer of the ocean that extends down an average of about 200 meters into the open ocean's waters. In m... Read More »

What is the depth of the sunlight zone in the ocean?

The sunlit zone of the ocean lies in the upmost 200 meters of the ocean, called the epipelagic zone, though the exact depth may vary depending on water turbidity. Photosynthesis in the ocean is con... Read More »

Where is the deep zone located?

According to Marine Bio, the deep zone of the world's oceans is located more than a kilometer beneath the water's surface. This comprises about 80% of the ocean biome. Water pressure is extremely h... Read More »

How deep is the auphotic zone?

The aphotic zone is the middle layer of the ocean. It is deep enough that there is too little light to allow for photosynthesis, but it is above the deepest parts of the ocean. Although the aphotic... Read More »