How deep is the oceanic zone?

Answer The deepest sector of the ocean is called the hadalpelagic zone, which is 35,797 feet at its deepest point. The Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, located off the coast of Japan, is where the oce... Read More »

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How far deep is the oceanic zone?

The oceanic zone extends from 200 meters below the surface of the water to the ocean floor. According to a recent study, the average depth of the ocean floor is 3,682.2 meters, or 12,080.7 feet. Ba... Read More »

How deep is the euphotic zone?

The euphotic zone is the uppermost layer of an ocean or other body of water that receives enough sunlight for photosynthesis to take place. The euphotic zone can extend more than 600 feet in clear ... Read More »

How deep is the aphotic zone?

The aphotic zone of a body of water comprises the depths at which over 99 percent of the sun's light is blocked out. The top depth of the aphotic zone in any given body of water varies widely, dep... Read More »

How deep is the sunlight zone?

The sunlight zone refers to the top layer of the ocean that is illuminated by sunlight during the daytime. The depth of the sunlight zone varies according to how clear the water is. On average, the... Read More »