How deep is lake titicaca?

Answer Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America, has an average depth of 140 to 180 meters (460 to 600 feet). The deepest recorded depth is 280 meters (920 feet), which was found in the northeast ... Read More »

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Why is Lake Titicaca called Lake Titicaca?

South America's Lake Titicaca is the world's highest lake navigable by commercial ships. The area around Lake Titicaca has been inhabited for thousands of years and was the home of one of the great... Read More »

Where is Lake Titicaca?

Lake Titicaca lies between Peru and Bolivia in South America. The lake was considered a sacred place by the ancient Incans, whose mythology stated that the sun, stars and people of the world were c... Read More »

How large is lake titicaca?

Lake Titicaca, located between Peru and Bolivia, is the largest lake by volume in South America. It contains 893 cubic kilometers of water. Lake Titicaca is 190 kilometers long by 80 kilometers wid... Read More »

Is lake titicaca man made?

Lake Titicaca is not man-made. It is the remnant of the ancient mega-lake called Mantaro that once covered almost the entire altiplano--the widest part of the Andes mountains. Altiplano is Spanish ... Read More »