How deep does a pond need to be for fish?

Answer On One Hand: Shallow Ponds Offer Greater VisibilityMost ponds are built so that the owner can enjoy the fish, and if a pond is too deep, many fish will not be visible. Deeper ponds tend to collect ... Read More »

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How deep does a pond need to be for hibernating turtles?

On One Hand: About 2 Feet DeepAquatic turtles that spend all winter in a pond may go into hibernation if it gets cold enough. They will burrow in the mud and leaves at the bottom of the pond and st... Read More »

How deep should a fish pond be?

On One Hand: Three Feet Should Be SufficientPonds that hold common fish such as koi should be at least two to three feet deep to allow the fish room to move and grow while still affording visibilit... Read More »

What depth does a pond need to be for stocking with fish?

Fishing ponds should be dug between 15 and 20 feet to prevent a fishkill from thermal layering in the spring and summer. With warmer temperatures comes oxygen depletions in the lower part of ponds ... Read More »

What do I need for a fish pond?

Adding a fish pond to your backyard is akin to creating a small ecosystem, so it requires careful planning before construction begins. There are several supplies you'll need to keep your pond healt... Read More »