How deep do you plant cherry tomato seeds?

Answer About 1/4 inches

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How deep do you need to plant cherry tree seeds?

Plant cherry tree seeds about one-half inch deep into the soil, according to Iowa State University. Sweet cherry trees propagated through seeds aren't always the same as the parent tree and may pro... Read More »

How deep should I plant rouge de marmande tomato seeds?

Sow Rouge de Marmande (Lycopersicon esculentum; Solanum lycopersicon) tomato seeds 0.6 to 0.8 inches below the earth's surface. Plant the Early Girl heirloom tomato seeds once soil temperatures rea... Read More »

How deep should tomato seeds be planted?

Tomato seed planting depth Tomato seeds should be planted approximately one-quarter inch deep (6mm).

How to Plant Cherry Seeds?

A cherry seed is actually a pit located in the middle of each cherry. You can pull out a cherry seed and plant it directly in the ground or in a pot. In order to plant cherry seeds, you must put it... Read More »