How deep do you plant bleeding hearts?

Answer Dicentra spectabilis, also known as "bleeding heart" or "Dutchman's trousers" are known for their heart-shaped flowers. Plant them deep enough to cover all roots, about 5 inches for most commercial... Read More »

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How do I plant multiple bleeding hearts?

Prepare for PlantingPlant in a site that gets full to partial shade and good drainage, as bleeding hearts don't tolerate full sun and standing water. Give the plant plenty of room to grow, planting... Read More »

About Bleeding Hearts?

Bleeding heart is the common name for one of the Dicentra species of herbaceous flowering plants. The unique flowers and elegant, woodsy appearance have made the bleeding heart a longtime favorite ... Read More »

Do Bleeding Hearts Die Off in Winter?

Twenty species of plants in the genus Dicentra are referred to as bleeding hears because of the shape of their flowers. Some species are called eardrops or Dutchman's breeches. In the United States... Read More »

How do i grow bleeding hearts?

PlantingChoose a shady, to semi-shady, location with well draining, composted soil. Amend soil with composted material before planting. Plant bleeding hearts at the same depth as the container they... Read More »