How deep can a solar pump bring water from a well?

Answer According to Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, submersible solar well pumps can pump water from a depth of up to 1,800 feet. Solar systems for wells more than 400 feet deep are significantly more expens... Read More »

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Homemade Solar-Powered Water Pump?

Solar panels are rugged, low-maintenance systems which convert sunlight into electricity. In locations where power lines are unavailable and wind power is unreliable, solar power may be the best an... Read More »

How many gallons of water do you need to fill a 14 x 24 ft pool so the deep end is about 5 and a half ft deep and the shallow end is 3 ft deep?

%REPLIES% Answer 10,710. Answer 10,710. The calculation for a rectangle pool is: ((Shallow end depth + deep end depth) / 2) * length * width) = pool volume in cubic feetPool cubic feet * 7.5 = ga... Read More »

How far apart can a 12hp above ground pool pump and filter be installed and still push water up one story to a solar collector on the roof?

Answer A 12 horse power will put the water anywhere you want it to go. You may mean 1/2 hp. The 1/2 hp may or may not be adequate. Consult with your local solar installer. Free advice there surely... Read More »

Our organization would like to bring clean water into kinshasa democratic republic of the congo. We will attend Living Waters for the World and learn how to install a system to bring clean water?

I think research shows that if we develop the Congo KINSHASA, hole African will get confort and help from this amazing country where you may find anything needed for the good its people and whole w... Read More »