How deep are pinto bean roots?

Answer about 90 cm

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What is a pinto bean?

Translated from Spanish, pinto bean literally means painted bean and is native to North and Central America. The popular bean is used in many traditional dishes on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico bor... Read More »

Is a pinto bean a seed?

Dried pinto beans, like other beans, are seeds of the bean plant. The stem and root will emerge from the bean or seed during the process of germination. Germination occurs when a bean or seed recei... Read More »

How do you grow and harvest a pinto bean in your home?

put the pitos in a warm room in a dark room(not to dark)and keep in moist soil and observe for 14 days

Science Projects With the Parts of Pinto Bean Seeds?

Light or darkness, temperature, different types of soil and even how a soil has been compacted can all contribute to the way a pinto bean seed germinates and grows. To properly grow pinto bean seed... Read More »