Colon cancer, stomach cancer Please help?

Answer This would have nothing to do with stomach cancer even if you were old enough to be concerned about it. Simply having constipation is also not a reason to think cancer of any kind at any age, but e... Read More »

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Why is CANCER so deadly?

Is breast cancer deadly?

Although the death rate in the U.S. for breast cancer has declined, it still claims lives. The annual death rate due to breast cancer per 100,000 people in the U.S. was 23.4 for the years 2002-2006... Read More »

Testicular cancer IS it really deadly?

Yes, any cancer is dangerous if allowed to grow. Even 'harmless' sounding ones like mouth cancer. The good news is that the FIRST ever cancer that they discovered how to get rid of was tetiscular c... Read More »

BF has Colon Cancer?

sweetie he has cancer, he's not worried about you right fact he probably isn't even thinking of you, he's worried about his life.