Didn't David Letterman name his band the world's most dangerous band in honor of david's favorite fake rassler dick the bruiser afflis who was known as wrestling's most dangerous man?

Answer something happened with his premier of his movie

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Is dry rot dangerous?

On One Hand: Load Bearing Wood and TiresDry rot in wood is dangerous, according to, as it causes reduced functionality of wood. In cases of load bearing beams and floors, for examp... Read More »

Is dry ice dangerous?

On One Hand: It's Just Carbon DioxideDry ice is simply frozen carbon dioxide, a non-toxic gas that's part of the air we breathe. Global warming notwithstanding, CO2 is inert, non-flammable and non-... Read More »

How dangerous is dry ice?

On One Hand: Dry Ice is DangerousDry ice can be very dangerous when handled without care. If your skin comes into contact with dry ice, you will get a dry ice burn, which is caused by over freezing... Read More »

How dangerous are the e-cigarettes..?

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