How dangerous are meteorites?

Answer On One Hand: Could Kill YouAccording to Discover Magazine, meteorites can prove extremely deadly--one theory suggests that a large meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs. However, a smaller meteorite, e... Read More »

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How to Buy Meteorites?

Meteorites can make unusual gifts or an interesting addition to any rock collection. Meteorites are objects that have punched through the Earth's atmosphere from space. The majority of objects burn... Read More »

How big are meteorites?

Meteorites, bits of stony or metallic space debris that survive passage through our atmosphere and impact the ground, can be any size---from microscopic specks to mountain-sized behemoths or larger... Read More »

How to Preserve Meteorites?

Meteorites are pieces of "rock" from space that have survived the impact on Earth's surface. According to the New England Meteoritical Services, the three types of meteorites are iron, stone and st... Read More »

What is the age of meteorites?

Meteorites can be anywhere from newly formed to 4.55 billion years old, the age of the Solar System. Meteorites come from meteors, which come from meteoroids, which result from impacts such as a co... Read More »