How dangerous are X-rays?

Answer On One Hand: Radiation is HarmfulX-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation used for diagnostic purposes. Radiation has been known to cause cell mutations. Cell mutations can be a cause of canc... Read More »

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Special Clothing That Filters Out the Dangerous Rays of the Sun?

To protect yourself from the dangerous rays of the sun, you can stay in the shade, wear sunscreen, a hat or other items of clothing that cover your exposed skin. To keep yourself from overheating o... Read More »

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How are x-rays used?

A nurse or technician positions an X-ray film plate underneath the part of your body that has been injured and a tiny amount of radiation passes through your body, transferring an image onto the fi... Read More »

When did x-rays come out?

While researching cathode rays, German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovered that certain objects became transparent when the rays were aimed at them toward a photographic plate. In late 1895... Read More »