How cut i get my cuts to heal faster?

Answer the fastest way is to keep it clean but open to air. if u want to use bandaids, take them off when ur sleeping. put vitamin e on it also.. once it turn into scabs dont pick on itand you seriously ... Read More »

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How to Make Cuts Heal Faster?

Follow these simple steps to make sure cuts heal faster.

What are some ways to heal cuts faster?

keep it clean with soap and water i also use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and neosporin keep it covered while working but leave it uncovered in the evening

Making cuts heal faster?

first spray some antibacterial stuff, and then put some neosporin. the neosporin helps it heal and the antibacterial just makes sure it wont get infected or anything

What can I get from the pharmacy that will make my cuts heal faster?

Don't use hydrocortisone cream on cuts, it will make them heal more slowly. See if you can get comfrey ointment, thats good for cuts.