How cruel is child labor?

Answer It's very cruel. The imployers do not care about the health or wellfare of the workers. They work long hours with little or no breaks, and in terrible terrible conditions for pennies a day.

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Why is child labor bad?

it is bad because it is harmful to children. also it is very dangerous, it is unfair, its illegal and its unjust and its just doesnt make any sense....

Child Labor Law Act?

Child labor laws have only existed since the early 1900s, and only in wealthier countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom. Developing countries still heavily rely on child labor, al... Read More »

Why did the child labor start?

some greedy people just wanted to make some money!

Did child labor stop?

No it still exists in some countries todayChild labor exists in every nation, including America where it is heavily regulated and monitored. Tens of thousands of kids deliver newspapers, act in the... Read More »