How could you go about signing over the rights of your children to their mothers?

Answer Answer I would suggest to abstain from sex because you are getting into very expensive territory with lawyers. I have no idea how many children you have, but you should be paying child support or ... Read More »

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What is the cost of signing of a father signing over his rights?

Can you get visitation rights back after signing over parental rights?

That depends on why you singed them away and what the judge thinks about it. To get visitation you have to get your parental rights back.

Natural mothers, do you remember signing?

I signed papers from the hospital bed 24 hours after giving birth while having a severe allergic reaction to a narcotic that I was given. I was told that those papers were final, and would be subm... Read More »

Could a notary notarise documents signing over the portion of their mothers house for their other siblings?

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