How could you get a nice infection on purpose?

Answer Don't know why you would want to cut your foot off but if you want to really screw it up leave out some chicken for a couple of days then cut your foot pour in the chicken"juice" wrap it up and you... Read More »

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I could do with some NICE advice.?

Try not to notice what you do. And instead of tearing yourself down, try looking for the positives in other people. And LET THEM KNOW of these positives, then they'll notice your attitude. Try to c... Read More »

Uti or could it be a kidney infection?

With blood it could be an kidney infection or kidney stone, so you better get checked for that one. Always having an uti isn't normal so maybe you get some warmer underwear on and even holding you ... Read More »

What infection could caused a brownish discharge?

That is just a bit of spotting before your period starts, it happens to me every month... Well it did before I got pregnant! :)

Could a possible yeast infection be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer How would a yeast infection be a sign of pregnancy? You treaat a yeast infection will medication yuou can purchase at the drug store.